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HAABC 19th Annual AGM and Seminar

The 2016 19th Annual HAABC AGM and Seminar will be held in Prince...

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Tidal Currents February 2016





Checking in from Fanny Bay - Mo Nordstrom

Two days post seminar and I got hit with the nasty cold that was going around. Or, as Leslie says, could be that I was burning the candle from both ends! She's probably right, but it didn't seem like it at the time. I had fun, learned a lot, and really enjoyed spending time with like-minded people! It's so easy to be in a room fill of harbour people! I hope you felt so as well.

I have a lot of thank yous, so please bear with me! I want to thank Patrick for the Victoria waterfront tour, Ron for his harbour presentation, Andy for knowing how a thrice-amended motion should work, Ken Smith for reading our minds, Leslie for having the answers to any of my questions, Lutz for his efforts on the Board and Keri for wanting to become more involved! Joel, your raffle donation was above and beyond, Robin Millar, I'm honoured to have shared the podium with you.

Some highlights for me? Meeting Mr. Edwin McKie, a fisherman from PEI, Karen Humble, the storyteller historian, seeing what our new ladders are going to look like (and putting that issue to rest), seeing board members enjoy meals and social time with harbour staff, pub time after the day's activities, getting one-on-one face time with our SCH crew and hearing Ben Mabberley invite us all to communicate more with him in his role as a Harbour Authority Corporation and Pacific Regional Harbour Authority Advisory Corporation representative. Your HAABC Board is ready to make some decisions, a lot of them based on the survey outcome, so please take the time to complete it. If you want or need information, please call. Leslie has a huge amount of information she can share with you on almost any harbour related matter. Or call me, or your zone representative. We are focused on communication and supporting your harbour!

Thanks again for coming to Victoria, participating in the seminar, and sharing your positive energy with others!

2015 HAABC Seminar

The 2015 HAABC Seminar started with a bang. Registration was brisk prior to the two bonus workshops on Tuesday, January 20. This was the first year we have started the registration this early and judging by the response not the last. The two workshops were well attended. The Environmental Management Planning training was again facilitated by Marie Burgess. Marie does an excellent job and I would like to thank her for her continued participation getting this information out to HAs. The Electrical workshop brought us three experts Mike Graham, Mark Byram, and Earle Mayuga, covering the topic of corrosion. Correct management of corrosion can save your organization thousands of dollars.!

Zone Meetings

The next morning started with welcoming comments from Victoria's mayor, Lisa Helps. Mayor helps spoke of the importance of Victoria's waterfront in shaping the community and providing economic opportunity. Next up were zone meetings for all six zones. Some issues discussed were ladders, improving communication between HAs and SCH, upcoming federal election, inspection report schedule and distribution, Canada Corporations act completion, Transport Canada holding tank legislation, pump out funding, vandalism and security. All zones decided that discussions at the zone level during the seminar did not need to be continued with further formal zone meetings.!

Exhibitor Introductions

Robert Clarke, Director at Large, introduced our 2015 exhibitors. This year our exhibitor numbers were down, likely due to scheduling. That made us appreciate them all the more. This year we were joined by AREPS Foam, Aquacan Floatation, Belllingham Marine, Clean Marine BC, Herold Engineering, Nelco Marine & Build a Dock, Tidal Enterprises, and Zorbie Products Ltd. Please remember them when you are making buying decisions for your HA.!


The AGM found the North Coast electing Keri Weick from Port Edward HA as their new representative. Our thanks to Lutz Budde who filled that role for the past 2 terms. Keri brings with her a solid knowledge of finance and harbour management. She is a great resource for our membership. The question of the hour was where will the 2016 conference be held. Last year an enthused membership showed great support for Prince Rupert as the 2015 location. The Board of Directors carefully absorbed that information and combined it with the results of the 2014 survey and came to the difficult decision that it was not in the best interests of the organization at that time. As a direct result of concerns made at the AGM we will be polling all chairs/presidents of our member HAs to determine if we will have enough attendance to warrant a Prince Rupert seminar. If the support is there I hope to see you all in Prince Rupert next year!!

HAC Update

Ben Mabberley provided us with an update on the Harbour Authority Corporation Director Insurance Plan, Pacific Region Harbour Authority Advisory Committee and the National Harbour Authority Advisory Committee. Ben will be retiring from the NHAAC but will continue to be an advisor on the PRHAAC. Thank you Ben for all your work on behalf of Harbour Authority's in BC.

Live Aboard Presentation

Sheila Neopole, Inner Harbour Facilities Manager, Greater Victoria HA spoke about some things that should be considered when accepting the Live Aboard community into your facility. They have had great success in Victoria and it is a vibrant part of their marine community. For a copy of Sheila's presentation please go to the private documents section of the HAABC website.

Feature Harbour

Ron Kyle provided the membership with an overview of the improvements made at Port Alberni's Fisherman's Harbour. They have had much success with derelict vessel removal, environmental compliance and have greatly increased the value of the facility to both the fishing fleet and the community of Port Alberni.

Derelict Vessel Panel

Julie Blood of French Creek HA provided excellent facilitation for this 8 member panel. They were presented with scenarios that might occur in HAs and each member of the panel was given the opportunity to outline how they would proceed. The panel consisted of (left to right in above photo) Russ Hayward, RCMP, Darren Williams, Lambert & Williams Law, Phyllis Titus, Campbell River HA, John King, Aon Risk Services, Daniel Reid, Canada Coast Guard, Ryan Greville, Receiver of Wreck, Janet Rooke, Tsehum HA, and Robin Richardson, SCH. Thank you to all on the panel for sharing your expertise.

The membership also took this opportunity to celebrate the recent progress made by Quadra Island Harbour Authority in a long standing legal situation. Congratulations on your success. The day was capped off with a meet and greet reception which provided an opportunity to network on an informal basis!

SCH Update Thursday morning Ken Smith, Vahid Kahnamelli, and Robin Richardson took the stage to provide a SCH update. Highlights included the announcement of $288 million for SCH by the Prime Minister in November of 2014. To put this into context the last Economic Action Plan put an additional $200 million into SCH spending. The National Prix D'Excellence was given to Mike Griswold of Quadra Island Harbour Authority. A ladder pilot project will be implemented this year in 5 sites, multi year replacement of ladders in HAs will proceed.


SCH Regional Distinction Awards

Harbour Authority Achievement Award Harbour Authority of Cortes Island

Harbour Authority Achievement Award Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority

Individual Commitment Award Joel Baziuk - Steveston HA

Individual Commitment Award Dave Christian accepting

for Hugh Silver Campbell River Harbour Authority


Individual Commitment Award Bill McEnery HA of Squamish


Jeff Coburn of Zeballos HA also received an Individual Commitment but was unable to attend. Leslie Taylor accepted the award on his behalf.

The Importance of Employment Law Basics

Shelley Quinte provided an exceptional workshop outlining the responsibilities that HAs need to be aware of when hiring staff to work for them. She outlined the importance of adhering to applicable employment standards, developing good job descriptions and employment policies, and performing regular performance evaluations. Please visit www.shelleyquinte.com if you would like more information on the services she is able to provide through the law firm Perlman - Lindholm.

Maintenance - Principles and Process of Maintenance Programs

David Black and Scott Christie provided a strategic method for developing a maintenance plan for your harbour. They emphasized the importance of optimizing your maintenance plan in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Harbour Tour and Derrick Maintenance Workshop

Patrick Belanger of GVHA took the entire group on a tour of Fishermans Wharf. Half of the group participated in a Derrick Maintenance workshop given by Peter Coleman of Arrowsmith Engineering. Peter provided some maintenance tips to ensure you get the longest life possible from your derrick. The tours highlight was a tour of the LAB community followed by a boat ride under the new Johnson Street bridge under construction. The tour finished up at the Inner Harbour.

Banquet and Award Presentations

The new HAABC board was introduced. Maureen Nordstrom, Mid-Island, will remain as president, Joel Baziuk, Lower Mainland, stepped into the role of Vice-President, and our new North Coast Director, Keri Weick will serve as our Secretary Treasurer. Janet Rooke, South Island, Eric Gregory, North Island, Robin Millar, Sunshine Coast, and Robert Clarke, Director at Large will continue to serve their zones as directors. Thank you for their commitment to the HAABC!

Tim Hobbs of Campbell River and Bill McEnery of Squamish were happy to become the 2015 life members of the HAABC. They both spoke eloquently on the importance of the getting together with their HAABC colleagues each year.

Karen Humble provided an entertaining and informative presentation on the Maritime History of Victoria. As with most communities on the coast, the waterfront played a key role in shaping the Victoria of today. The evening finished up on that positive note and left all looking forward to next years seminar.





 Art Childs                   photo courtesy Bob Baziuk